How DPA Solves A Number Of Issues Through The Use Of Technites

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One of the key issues we need to address in Africa is employment. The ability to provide for ourselves and our families is important for the mental and physical well-being of us as human beings, and it enables individuals to have a positive impact on their communities. Job creation is a critical part of this scenario and this is why Distributed Power Africa is proud to be a member of the Cumii family. We are able to utilise Cumii’s innovative on-demand Technite model when it comes to our installations. In case you are not aware of Technites, we will explore them in detail with this article and highlight the multiple benefits of this business model.

In short, Technites are the Uber drivers of installation contracts. A skilled individual looking for employment registers online and submits the necessary paperwork during the vetting process. They receive additional training from Cumii where applicable after which point they are on the system as a solar installer. The Technites download a geolocation app on their smartphones, which alerts them when there is a job for them in the area, and which they can choose to undertake or not. Once the installation is complete, they mark it as such and get paid almost immediately. The benefits of this business model are numerous, and they include:

Affordable and Efficient
DPA does not need to transport a team to your location to deploy a solar solution. Technites are an on-demand local workforce and pick up the jobs in their areas. This reduces fuel costs and solves a number of logistical problems. This also allows the Technites to deliver service within a 24 to 72-hour timespan and significantly lowers the costs involved with the deployment of a solar solution. We also reduce costs by having a large workforce without needing to pay a monthly salary since our Technites work on a contractual basis.

Employment Creation and Skills Development
We have a database of around 6000 registered Technites and, in many cases, these individuals came to us with a background as electricians. With our training sessions, our Technites are upskilled to be able to deliver the level of quality required by DPA. When it comes to employment, DPA has several upcoming projects and for these we will be calling on many Technites to come in and earn with us by providing us with their expertise. Being on our database does not cost our Technites a cent and this opportunity offers them absolute freedom. Where some technicians have to hunt for employment and may have months before a new tender is approved, with us there are new jobs available to show up on the App when the Technite has completed the installation.

The Technite model can be extended to as many African countries as possible since it is an online registration. We already have Technites being deployed in 11 countries. When you partner with DPA and switch your office to solar power, you also enable a Technite to bring a positive change to their communities, and for that, we all thank you. If you want to find out more about our Technites, visit the dedicated website. If you want to bring the change that is needed and save money at the same time, then contact us by filling out the form. Be sure to ask about our 0% startup option when you do.