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Over the past few years, renewable energy has taken off and become increasingly accessible and affordable. With so many people turning to solar power, we thought we were winning the battle against fossil fuels and, hopefully, diminishing its stranglehold on mankind and the future of the planet. But as it has turned out, this is not exactly the case. The data recently released by the International Energy Agency in the Global Energy and CO2 Status Report 2017 shows us that we still have much to do when it comes to global warming.

So, What Happened?

As the population all over the world grows and expands, so does energy consumption. The reports states that:

“Global energy demand increased by 2.1% in 2017, compared with 0.9% the previous year, and 0.9% on average over the previous five years. More than 40% of the growth in 2017 was driven by China and India; 72% of the rise was met by fossil fuels, a quarter by renewables and the remainder by nuclear.”

It was also found that global energy-related CO2 emissions rose by 1.4% during 2017 and reached an historic high of 32.5 gigatons. This comes after three years where global emissions remained flat. It is important to note that this increase was not universal. While most major economies saw a rise, others experienced a decline. This includes the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Mexico. Because of the adoption of renewables by the US, they experienced the biggest decline.

How Can I Help?

Glad you asked. In order to eradicate the world of fossil fuels, we will all need to invest in renewables. Switch to solar power for your business and not only reduce your own carbon footprint but also set an example to other businesses to follow suit. Not only will you save the planet and your wallet, but you will also support the renewable power industry and promote its growth.

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Image Credit: Gerry Machen on Flickr

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