Located in Nairobi, Kenya, the East Africa Data Centre is East Africa’s largest and most connected data centre facility with a total of 2000 m² of secured space for data servers. The East Africa Data Centre, also known by its abbreviation EADC, provides data services for clients such as cloud services, data backup on servers, as well as storage and networking equipment. With Distributed Power Africa on their side, the EADC will be able to use the clean energy provided by the sun to reduce their operational cost as well as their carbon footprint.

DPA is in the process of engineering a rooftop solar plant for the EADC building, which is set to produce 216,200 KWh per annum. The expectation is that the plant will save the organisation over KES 4 million per year as it moves towards a 100% solar powered centre. This will ensure that the company is in line with Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta’s most recent declaration that his government aims to fully transition Kenya to renewable energy. He has stated that we need to “pass down to our sons and daughters a country as clean and green as we have inherited from our fathers,” and he aims to achieve this by 2020.
As for day-to-day operations, EADC’s management reported to us that “renewable energy would allow them to host, connect and support critical data for local and international companies whilst conserving the environment and reducing operational costs.” This will allow growth and development of African companies through the productivity that only interconnectivity can offer.

If you want to follow in the footsteps of the EADC and take your business to the next level through solar power, be sure to fill in the form on our Contact page and to ask us about the 0% start-up option.

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