Kuze Medical Centre Goes Green

The Kuze Medical Centre building formerly known as the Aga Khan Ismaili Council Building was built by the Ismailis from India in the late 19th Century, which makes this building more than 100 years old. Initially, The Ismaili Kuze Jamat Khana which is opposite this building used to co-exist on one plot. Later a road was constructed in between, which separated the Jamat Khana and the Council Office building.

The Aga Khan Group of Hospitals later took over the building and built the Aga Khan Kuze Medical Centre. The Kuze Medical Centre recently installed a roof mount solar system as part of their drive to contribute to a cleaner environment, which is in accordance with the UNDP’s Solar for Health initiative. The Initiative will see the provision of green energy to the health sector having a positive impact, and eventually contributing to the reduction of mortality rates and other power related incidences. Overall, the costs related to energy consumption, including off-grid emergency solutions such as generators and fuelling, make it almost impossible for healthcare operations to be efficient.

The Centre’s solar installation was engineered by Distributed Power Africa (DPA). Our solution is designed to give the Medical Centre access to clean power without the burden of an initial capital outlay. We provide such solar solutions at Zero upfront investment and guarantee our customers no technical risk through the best technology on a 15year lease agreement. As part of the lease we take full responsibility for engineering, procurement, installation, monitoring, maintenance, warranties and insurance.

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