Econet Willowvale Is Going Green

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Distributed Power Africa is constructing its 8th Solar Power Plant at Econet Willowvale, situated in Harare, Zimbabwe. Econet Willowvale marks DPA’s first customer with an Independent Power Producer Licence, which is both a positive milestone and a first for Zimbabwe. The rewards for Econet Willowvale and the environment are close at hand, with completion of the installation scheduled for February 2019.

As for the details of the installation, the 450 KWp plant will be a grid-tied solution combining rooftop and carport panel installations. This will ensure full use of the previously unused spaces on top of the building itself as well as the carport, which shades the cars of employees and visitors to the establishment. This will be the largest carport installation in Zimbabwe to date, with 900 carport panels measuring at 292.5 KWp, and an additional 488 rooftop panels at 158.6 KWp, which in total will produce 451.1 KWp for Econet Willowvale.

The environment will also benefit from the clean energy produced by the sun, as previously mentioned. The installation of the Willowvale plant is designed to create a carbon emissions  saving of 285,000 kg per annum, which is an environmentally friendly step towards the global initiative to reduce our carbon footprint and the global greenhouse gas effect.

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