Econet and Distributed Power Africa Initiating $250m Zimbabwean National Solar Project

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Econet, the parent company of Distributed Power Africa have announced their intention to invest $250 Million in Solar power systems in Zimbabwe. With this investment, Econet and Distributed Power Africa will create 5 000 new jobs in the solar power industry once it is at full capacity. We will also provide solar energy for industrial, commercial and domestic use. This investment will see companies replacing the diesel-powered generators used by many companies in the corporate world, which are both harmful to the environment and not a wise choice economically due to high running costs. This investment is already underway and large orders have been received from the corporate world, including several leading Zimbabwean companies. “Our order book from corporates in Zimbabwe is already over 20MW and growing daily,” said Norman Moyo, the head of DPA’s technology department.


“Instead of having a central power station controlled from a control centre, in a distributed power system, each customer has a ‘mini-generating plant’ on their premises,” Norman Moyo said. These mini- generating plants will be controlled by DPA with more than 100 engineers and technicians in Zimbabwe alone. DPA has operations in Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe. We intend to deliver 100 MW to our database in the next two years. Local banks work with DPA and will finance the initiative to deliver each customer’s solution. With no initial start-up cost, the system is paid for with a flat monthly fee for 15 years. Although the focus now is industrial and commercial, we are building 100 homes to demonstrate our capability and plan to add homes within the next 12 months.


If you want to be a part of the solar power revolution and take back the energy source of your business, contact us right away and be sure to ask us about our 0% start-up option.

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