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DPT Partners Who Make the Sun Work for Them

We are proud to have partnered with leading commercial & industrial companies to harness the power of the sun and produce efficient, cost effective and green solar energy across Zimbabwe and across Africa. Gaining energy independence and supporting the green energy movement is no longer optional. It is an imperative business goal, allowing companies to drive change in their country and ensure they are sustainable long term.

Our African footprint is constantly growing, and we are helping businesses become more sustainable through solar solutions that are simple, efficient and cost-effective. We are an innovative African renewable energy company that has been engaging Commercial and Industrial businesses to adopt hybrid clean energy solutions using lithium battery technology to improve energy security, reduce costs and improve their carbon footprint. We are solving Africa’s unique power challenges for the improvement of economic productivity, and are at an advanced stage of deploying 45 MW across data centres, telecom switching centres, Tower-Cos, factories, mines, banks and other industrial users across their markets.

Some of our partners making the sun work for them include Anglo American, World Vision, Total Energies, Trade & Development Bank, Schweppes, to mention only a few. Start your green journey today by requesting a FREE assessment on enquiries@dptafrica.com.

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