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Distributed Power Africa (DPA), has partnered with EDF (Électicité De France) to develop commercial and industrial hybrid energy solutions for the African market. This marks another first for our company, which is leading in the solar energy solutions space.  EDF will serve as a technology partner for DPA projects in South Africa, Ivory Coast and Nigeria, before expanding into other key markets.

Speaking on the partnership, Founder and Chairman of Econet, Dr Strive Masiyiwa said  “Enabling reliable and stable energy to businesses will help meet the continent’s global economic growth goals” and that “In the energy sector, we expect a tenfold increase in GDP by addressing the continental power challenge.”

Senior Executive-Vice President International of EDF, Marianne Laigneau, who is excited to be partnering with us as “a respected Pan African brand that has a proven track record of operating in some of Africa’s most challenging environments”. She also noted that the partnership presents an opportunity to expand their services and deliver comprehensive energy solutions suitable for Commercial &Industrial applications.

With EDF as a partner, DPA is able to assist businesses  in Africa, that are increasingly interested in viable, affordable, reliable, clean and sustainable energy solutions, which result in financial savings.  Due to the increase in demand for power, many countries in Africa continue to face challenges in the delivery of constant electricity.  A lot of businesses which still rely heavily on power provided through the national grid, use generators, which run on non-renewable fuels that are costly in the long run. Using smart technology and solar to generate energy, companies can now invest in hybrid solutions (grid tied and solar), that monitor energy use, and ensure that there is a constant and efficient supply of power, at a manageable monthly fee.  

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