100% POWER 24/7

Our blended solutions allow us to integrate solar and batteries with your existing generator(s) to offer seamless switches between the power sources to ensure 100% power availability.


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    Solar Power when sunlight is available
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    Grid-Tied with Storage
    Solar Energy is stored to be utilised when sunlight is unavailable.
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    Blended Systems –
    Solar, Storage and Generators

    Integrates solar and batteries with generators to ensure 100% power up


Only top tier equipment is used

Maintenance and Insurance are included

We operate, monitor and maintain the plant

We guarantee plant performance of up to 90% of annual yield

We develop intelligent, energy efficient management systems

Monthly payment premiums set below your current blended energy costs


  • Power Lease/ Purchase Agreement
    We raise the finance and offer a 15 year payment model, on a monthly rate with an option to purchase or renew.
  • Capital investment
    You to purchase and own assets. After installation we maintain the plant as a service.


We offer an all-inclusive energy management service including

    • Maintenance and management of your solar equipment
    • Scheduled maintenance of generators
    • Remote monitoring and reactive maintenance of customer power equipment.

DPA monitors all installations real-time and you can monitor your energy on your digital devices.

Download the attached form and email it to enquiries@dpaafrica.com.
This will help us understand which system will work for you.