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2017 marked the 20th anniversary of AfricaCom, an event that highlights the technological advancements of the African continent and the future of technology at the same time. DPA was invited to participate in the panel discussion on the 8th of November. The panel discussion was entitled, “How Will Future Networks Impact The Towerco Model.” DPA also delivered a presentation later on the same afternoon, entitled, “Enabling Telcos Through Innovative Alternative Energy Offerings.”

Wessel Wessels, Group COO and CEO of DPA South Africa, took the trip down to the Cape Town International Convention Centre where the event was held. Along with the moderator Adedoyin Adeola, Independent Towerco Expert, Nathan Foster, CEO of Atlas Tower, Alisa Amupolo, CEO of Powercom, and Avril Van Der Rheede, Managing Director of Eagle Towers, Wessel took part in this powerful discussion about the cost pressures in the Telco market and how cheap, renewable energy will alleviate these financial burdens. The outcome of the discussion was clear: Telco need to move into rural areas and access to electricity is that enabler. DPA can offer these energy solutions at “Zero Cost, Zero Risk.” By being part of a vertically integrated group, Econet, DPA is in a prime position to uplift rural communities by covering the access to electricity, connectivity, water, media access and mobile banking.

During his presentation, Wessels delved further into enabling Telcos through innovative, alternative energy offerings, by making it a “Zero Risk, Zero Investment” decision and delivering end-to-end solutions from design to operations. He also presented innovative financial models to implement renewable energy for towers, switches, data centres and official buildings.

Wessels said that the time he spent at AfricaCom sparked many discussions followed by opportunities to pursue, and that the panel discussion and presentation was well received by those who attended the event.

If you would like to find out more about DPA’s Zero cost, Zero risk offerings, then click here to follow through to the Contact page and fill in the form.

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