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We started a 5-part series surrounding the challenges Africa faces when it comes to electricity and how these challenges can be overcome through solar power. The wonderful people of our magnificent continent deserve a chance to uplift and empower themselves, and they can only do so when we see a change in the current way of addressing their power needs. With our last article, we looked at the fact that a large portion of African people do not have access to electricity since they live in rural areas. The solution is to generate power where they live and work. Today we will take a look at another challenge that we face:

Unreliable Power Supply
The people who do have access to the grid may be better off than those in rural areas but they are faced with yet another challenge: reliable and quality power. Frequent power outages, load-shedding and damage to electrical equipment are commonplace in most African countries. As the population grows, so does the demand, and the supply cannot play catch-up quickly enough. Another factor is that transmission networks are costly to extend and maintain. This leads to ever-increasing tariffs for consumers while, at the same time, the availability and quality of electricity declines.

The answer for this problems exists in the form of harnessing Africa’s abundant sunshine, wind and geo-thermal resources, all of which are freely available to all. These are the most efficient and consistent sources of energy and can provide consumers, hospitals, businesses and schools with cost effective and reliable energy solutions, regardless of where they are located. Distributed Power Africa leverages its roots in the telecommunications industry to use a mature operating model that is agile and monitors plant performance continuously, providing reliable electricity in any location.

We will continue to look at solving the energy problems of Africa with our next blog article. If you want to be part of the movement to a reliable energy source for your business, then use the form on our Contact Us page. Be sure to ask about our 0% startup option.

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