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Nowhere in the world is perfect. But in Africa, we are pretty close with our wonderful people’s hospitality, natural beauty, and majestic wildlife, which brings in tourists from all across the globe. There are a few issues that we as Africans face before we can call our continent “perfect” and with our 5-part blog series, we will take a look at some of Africa’s energy issues and how we can address them.

Access To Electricity
As one would expect, power utilities and government organisations focused their initial infrastructure building in the urban areas since the people who could afford electricity were the ones who found work in the cities. Unfortunately, this means that the rural areas, where a large number of African populations are located, still do not have the same access to power. Rural businesses, schools, clinics, and farms are still in need as it makes no financial sense for power utilities or government organisations to focus on these areas. The cost of relaying electricity for kilometres is staggering.

Solar Energy Is The Solution For Rural Areas
Solar solutions integrated with the grid, batteries and/or generators are now a viable alternative distributed energy option for these energy access challenges. You can produce power at the location where it is consumed, which eliminates the costs of infrastructure. It also eliminates the problem of unstable or unreliable energy. It’s not as though someone can switch off the sun halfway through the day: with solar power, you are sure that energy will be produced when the sun shines. Imagine what this could do for a rural community. The upliftment and job creation that solar power provides is exactly what our communities need in order to thrive.

In our next article, we will further explore the energy problems Africa faces. If you want to switch your business to solar power, then fill in the form on our Contact Us page and start the conversation. Be sure to ask about our 0% startup option.

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