Why Africa Needs Solar Power – Part 5

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We have reached the end of our 5-part series surrounding the challenges Africa faces when it comes to electricity. We have also presented our solutions. In our previous article, we looked at the lack of renewable energy skills in Africa, especially when it comes to the rural areas, which also happen to be the areas where skill development is needed the most. Our solution is simple. We at Distributed Power Africa provide an opportunity to develop skills, create jobs and uplift communities. Today we will look at the fifth challenge that we face:

Confusing Technology Options

There are many technical questions related to distributed solar energy installations: What panels, what inverters, which battery technology, integrating generators, what monitoring platforms, to name but a few. This means that those who want to adopt a distributed energy solution feel that they need to be energy experts before they even approach a solar power company for a solar power solution.

Distributed Power Africa, provided that we own the plant, will provide a guaranteed energy yield and ensure performance. We also remove any technology confusion or risk for our clients by being the technical expert and choosing the right technology against the LCOE (Levelised Cost of Energy) model, owning and maintaining it and ensuring that the anticipated yields over the lifetime of the plant are realised. For many users, the decision on the technology would be made against the procurement price (CAPEX) on day one, and not the true cost of ownership over the life of the asset, because Distributed Power Africa finances and owns these assets and therefore, will always make our own internal decisions linked to LCOE. You do not have to be the expert for the technology to work. We already are the experts on your behalf and you can share in the rewards by offering your unutilised roof and carpark spaces to us ─ in return for clean, renewable, and reliable energy at a lower cost for your business.

Get in touch with us using the form on our Contact Us page right away if you want to switch your business over to solar power and, therefore, be a part of our power revolution.

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