Why Africa Needs Solar Power – Part 4

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In our previous article in our 5-part series surrounding the challenges Africa faces when it comes to electricity, as well as our solutions, we looked at the lack of access to funding and offered our solution in the form of distributed power, to ensure that our vision of a future where every person in Africa has access to clean and reliable energy becomes fulfilled. Today we will take a look at another challenge that we face:

Renewable Energy Skills

Access to reliable skills to install and maintain solar solutions is problematic in African countries and this is especially true for the more remote locations. Large corporations and organisations are rather focusing their efforts on developing skills in urban areas and, therefore, the rural areas are largely ignored despite their vast capabilities to learn and be equipped to also provide for their families. This has the undesirable effect of the poor getting poorer and eventually feeling forced to give up their way of existence and look for a better quality of life in the big cities. In the end, the world will lose the cultures that have been with us for centuries and we will all end up poor indeed.

With skills development at the point of installation in urban and rural areas, Distributed Power Africa provides an opportunity to develop skills, create jobs and uplift communities. We leverage technology and adopt a model of in-country skill development that ensures skill availability and economic fulfilment in the communities where our solutions are deployed.

Get in touch with us right away using the form on our Contact Us page if you want to switch your business over to solar power and, therefore, be a part of our power revolution. Also, be sure to look for our final article in the series, where we will continue to look at solving the energy problems of Africa.


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