Dawn Properties’ Blue Swallow Lodges Go Green with DPA

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Huddled in the mountainous eastern highlands of Nyanga, Blue Swallow lodges is an Edwardian timeshare resort conveniently located on the same property as the iconic Troutbeck Resort Hotel. Blue Swallow Lodges is part of Dawn Properties, a company with over 30 years in real estate. In hospitality, they have designed their resort hotels and lodges to create synergies between man and nature. “We embarked on this solar project to reduce our carbon footprint and play our part in preserving nature. We belong to the generation that needs to start making great efforts to preserve our environment and reverse climate change” Remarked Mr Patrick Matute, MD of Dawn Properties.

Carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of community or organisations activities. And because carbon dioxide is the leading cause of global warming, a reduction in emissions of any amount is a huge contribution to slowing down climate change. As a result of moving away from use of diesel generators (where they were using an average of 1,500 litres of diesel per month) during power cuts, approximately 4,000kg of carbon emissions per month will be prevented from being effused into the environment.

Dawn Properties partnered with Distributed Power Africa (DPA), a member of the Econet Group, on the construction of a self-consumption solar plant on their property at Blue Swallow. A 66kW ground mount grid-tied solar system will now be used to power all 24 lodges, fully equipped with Smart TVs, Wi-Fi and Kitchen Appliances. The solar system will also power common areas as well as the boreholes that pump water to the water streams that continue to attract a variety of wildlife and birds.

“With this Solar Solution we have achieved reduced noise levels, and maintained the tranquil and evergreen environment for our guests and animal habitants alike which makes our lodge even more peaceful. Next on the cards is solar installation at the Kingfisher Cabanas in Kariba”

Distributed Power Africa provides such solar solutions at Zero upfront investment and guarantees customers no technical risk through the best technology on a 15year lease agreement. As part of the lease they take full responsibility of engineering, procurement, installation, monitoring, maintenance, warranties and insurance.

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