Why does South Africa NOT have a SMART City yet?

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Why does South Africa NOT have a SMART City yet?

The technology has been available to develop SMART and connectable buildings for years, many countries already have them, we have some of the best climate for solar and we have been hearing about them for a long time now.

So why don’t we have any?

SMART buildings and their resulting SMART cities are a product of collaboration and transparency combined with knowledge, education and a desire to embrace change. Until such time they will sadly remain only in the ether or as a spoken topic of what could be. South Africa has the perfect storm to create sustainable and lasting change and I urge us to unite as a nation and make this happen. Nearly 50% of the world’s energy is consumed in cities and our cities will double in size by 2030.

I was delighted to see that President Ramaphosa has indicated his intention to create a smart city, following a similar announcement by the Indian government to build smart cities, which will work towards being Occupier friendly, efficient, sustainable and responsible business practice.

Most business today can be related to a Rubik’s cube, complex, colourful, challenging and difficult to achieve a desired outcome unless all parts work together and align with a common goal. The corporate world has become a complex ecosystem of collaboration and SMART Cities are no different.


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