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Africa is a continent envied by a few others for the abundance of sunlight received during the year. A few of the European solar companies wish they had the same amount of sunlight to work with. And yet, Africa is behind the rest of the world in the switch to solar power. It is not for a lack of rooftop space. Once you realise that every building has a roof and if there is no solar solution installed on the roof, then you can go ahead and call that wasted real estate. It is what it is. That roof could have been used to generate clean and reliable energy for all this time.

What Is Holding Us Back?

There are a number of factors that contribute to this delay and one of these is the cost involved with the purchase, installation, and maintenance of a solar power solution. We understand this but we also feel that Africa is on the brink of a breakthrough and that the disadvantaged communities across the continent will benefit from this breakthrough. This is why we devised a perfect solution for the African business owner who knows that the switch is necessary for the future of their beloved continent.

How DPA’s 0% Start-up Option Works

At DPA, we have developed a sustainable model to roll out reliable energy in Africa. We will put panels on the roof of your office building, your school, your hospital or clinic, your NGO building or even your carport. Any commercial or industrial building with a roof is eligible for this option. DPA carries the cost of the panels, installation, and even the maintenance. We want to relieve your company of any of the responsibilities in the generation of this power and we will give you the necessary guarantees. You, as the owner of the building, will buy the power generated for your use and, therefore, ensure that your business is exempt from the force of your local power utility’s tariff hikes and uncertainty. This frees you from the unnecessary worries about electricity bills, enabling you to focus on your business or organisation. We remove your energy aggravations and energy technology risk.

If this 0% start-up option sounds good to you, and we believe that it will, then you can start the conversation with us by filling in the form on our Contact Us page. You can also leave a comment below if you have any questions regarding this option.

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